Make Draw Make

Through the Make Draw Make I have explored my practice through a series of making projects, taking what I learnt about my practice in third year further. During my third year I found that I have a need to make, and that I worked best when I started a project with making as well as ending it with making. Previously drawing had always been the first step in any project but my need to make created challenges as I would feel uninspired by just drawing.

The work photographed above was made during an intensive week of making. With a £20 budget I went to Poundland and picked random items that I found interesting, these things had no theme, no connection to each other but to me they had a potential to become something exciting. I put these items into my ‘Mystery Make’ bag, each day I would ask people to pick 5 out, I would then make with. The aim was to create objects each day that had their own personality, a little family of the day. As much as I had control over the things I bought the order that they were selected in was down to those around me, leading to contrasting elements that could be used together to make.

From my makes I am able to create imagery that fuels my creative practice. The drawings that then come from the makes have a story and become more interesting to me, I am able to push them forward into designs following the narrative I have created when completing my ‘Mystery Make’. These designs are normally taken forward through laser engraving and cutting. I use my imagery in layers, by printing I add layers, with the engraver I take them away. The last stage is the making of the final piece, this completes my Make Draw Make cycle.

Photography by Joseph Moody

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