Creative Bubble

Back in January I was able to join some fellow students in an exhibition at the Creative Bubble in Swansea.

The Creative Bubble is a great space for students to use to put on anything from an exhibition to a pop up shop. We were able to fill the space with a range of work, with some fashion pieces, interior pieces and my art pieces. I chose to put up my glass work from my Collections project, arrange some of my final pieces and some of my experimentations.

The experience was great; to be able to work in a group with likeminded people to create something was amazing. It also allowed me to gain confidence within my work, seeing it in an exhibition environment was a new prospect for me. I would love to be able to complete this kind of project again to further push myself, maybe progressing to doing my own individual exhibition.

Many thanks to the team that run the Creative Bubble and to the group who I worked with to make the exhibition a success! To find out what is coming up in the Creative Bubble check out their Facebook page:

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