Talk from Rosie Cook

Whilst looking for inspiration for my work and website I found Rosie Cook. Her amazing Tumblr page gave me great insight into how well a website could promote your work. Cook has recently given a talk at my university and this is what I gained from it.

Cook encouraged us to always keep looking for new opportunities, never give up, keep going and that moment you have been looking for will find you. Stay focused, make sure that even though you may not have your work being sold yet to keep producing, keep pushing yourself. Keep inspired, make sure that even if your you are not working in the industry yet to keep yourself knowledgeable in the design area.

The Tubmlr page that Cook uses (see above) has really helped inspire my website with her slick, clean layout she uses bold images that catch the eye. The use of style and bold imagery makes you want to see more and click on the links on her website, I hope I have replicated this on my website.

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