Water Cutting

During this year I have been exploring a new technique of water cutting. I started using this process last year for cutting some of my glass pieces, this year I have taken it further trying new materials and new shapes.

Firstly I used metals creating some really interesting inlaid copper pieces, I love the fact I can create exact shapes from materials in a short time frame. If I were to do this by hand it would take hours, plus I would have to get a bit better with a saw, cutting metal by hand is definitely not my forte.

After trying the metals I moved onto slate. For these pieces I experimented with slate tiles and water cut some geometric shapes. I was not sure exactly what to expect but the outcome was amazing! My drawings were turned into some really cool pieces that have inspired my recent work with hard materials.

My most recent water cut pieces are steel; this time instead of just cutting I have also made some engraved lines. When waiting to get these pieces I was not really sure if they would have worked, I chose a design that I hoped would give a good effect but having never tried this technique before I was nervous. As always I was thrilled with the results, the steel looks amazing however there is a lot of cleaning up to do.

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